There is no doubt that this is one of the areas that form part of the tradition of Marinovic&Associates.  Our firm has represented clients in a wide range of proceedings involving civil, commercial, labour, tax, administrative, consumer protection and free competition issues.
Because of its experience and professionalism in all these areas, the Marinovic&Associates team enjoys well-earned prestige on account of the excellent results attained in court and its closeness and permanent communication with its clients
Ever since it was founded, Marinovic&Associates has had a relevant participation in consultancy services to real estate companies and has a vast experience in the development of different kinds of projects: urban planning, urban development, parceling of land, division of land parcels into smaller lots, changes in use of land, joint freehold, concessions, expropriations, reversals, easements and water rights, among others.  We also represent clients in real estate litigation, such as cases derived from the General Urban Development and Construction Law, as well as in leasing and/or restitution proceedings, property injunctions, etc.

Marinovic & Asociados has a specialized team that provides general corporate advisory services to its clients, which involves integral work in aspects such as contracts, restructuring, formation of new companies, review and analysis of the documents related with all of the legal aspects of a specific enterprise, among many other operations.

Our Tax Department provides effective and creative assistance in optimizing corporate and personal tax loads. It deals with such different aspects as tax planning, court and administrative defense, tax audits and reorganization and transfer of family assets.  Our pre-emptive work makes it possible to optimize the effects of the company’s commercial operations in terms of the different internal and external taxes considered in the law.  Finally, we have made successful incursions into the tax structuring of family offices and their organization.
The senior partners of the firm habitually serve as arbitrating arbiters and are designated by the ordinary courts of justice to act in such areas as housing leasing, partitions, breach of contracts and liquidation of societies, among other things.  In addition we represent our clients’ interests in arbitration proceedings with the dedication and professionalism that is the hallmark of our firm.

Marinovic&Associates offers advisory services in all the spheres related to insolvency.
Our lawyers have specialized in the efficient management of these situations.  We offer a wide range of services including restructuring of liabilities, settlements in and out of court, defense of debtors in bankruptcy cases, representation of creditors, negotiation of debit notes, revocation actions in insolvency proceedings, etc.  We also offer permanent advice to receivers in the legal management of bankruptcies.

Marinovic y Asociados advise clubs in the relationship with sports authorities in general (FIFA, CONMEBOL, ANFP), and in order to obtain the payment of the Solidarity Contribution and of the Training Rights of their players. Aditionally, advice clubs with the contracts preparation and review with sponsors and players, among others.

In this area we can offer experienced pre-emptive legal services, which include all aspects related to corporate day-to-day activities, ranging from revision of contracts and internal regulations and their updating, report-writing and implementation of solutions in such sensitive areas as outsourcing and industrial safety; defense and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings and assistance in collective bargaining processes.